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Property Managers, Landlords & Apartments Durant OK 74701

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Rental Property Contacts
David Jones580-920-1272
Derek Brewer‭(580) 916-0638‬
Terry Holder580-920-5890
Accountable Property Management580-380-7577
Vanmeter Properties(580) 931-9282
Townhome Properties580-924-9290
Hill – Hugh Property Company580-924-2300
Angela Sullivan580-775-4925
Casey Carr580-920-5432
Bob Roger580-920-8743
Dale Goad580-775-4775
Stacy Bennett580-775-2173
Prudy Sullivan580-380-3066
Joseph Liu‭(469) 318-0770‬
*If you are a landlord / property manager and woudl like to be added to our list please contact us at 580-877-7653
Apartment Complexes
Le Chateau Apartments(580) 924-4455
Dixon Park Apartments(580) 579-0102
Forest Hill Apartments(580) 924-4455
Timber Ridge Apartments(580) 924-1222
Woodmanor Apts & College Inn Commons(580) 745-8220
Avalon Apartments(580) 713-0843
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